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공휴일 및 전 세계에서 기념 행사

부탄 (중앙) - 세계 공휴일 - 1970-2070

전 세계 공휴일 전체 달력 1970-2070년, (은행 마감일 포함) for 부탄 (중앙)

The following sectors are not safe for the time being: Indian border
통화: Ngultrum (BTN) ... 여기서 변경하십시오!
주말: 토요일 & 일요일

Jonkha (0.5 million speakers), Nepalese (15 million speakers) ...
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이름 날짜 종류
동지 (Nyinlog)*목요일 2 1월, 2014세속적 인 휴일 
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새해*목요일 2 1월, 2014세속적 인 휴일 
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헌금의 날**화요일 28 1월, 2014세속적 인 휴일 
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국경일*수요일 17 12월, 2014국경일 
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동지 (Nyinlog) -
월요일 2 1월, 2017

세속적 인 휴일 : The winter solstice is the moment when the earth is at a point in its orbit where one hemisphere is most inclined away from the Sun. This causes the Sun to appear at its farthest below the celestial equator when viewed from the far hemisphere. Solstice is a Latin borrowing and means sun stand still , referring to the appearance that the Sun's noontime elevation change stops its progress, either northerly or southerly. The day of the winter solstice is the shortest day and the longest night of the year.

새해 -
월요일 2 1월, 2017

세속적 인 휴일 : The world's most widely celebrated holiday, New Years was set on January 1 by Julius Caesar because that was the date the Roman consuls took over their duties.

헌금의 날 -
토요일 28 1월, 2017

세속적 인 휴일 : Women sing and dance, men play archery, picnics are organized more popular in Eastern Bhutan

국경일 -
토요일 17 12월, 2016

세속적 인 휴일 : Celebrates the installation of the first hereditary King of Bhutan in 1907