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독일 (바덴 부에텐베르그) (유럽)

목요일 4 6월 2015
(연도별 날짜 변경)
*For six hundred years that feast was observed on the Thursday after Trinity Sunday, but in 1970 the new Roman Missal, while retaining that day for some countries, provided that in others the feast be observed on the Sunday after Trinity. Commemorates the Last supper. Pope Urban IV ordered the observance of such a feast in 1264, and in the following century it became universal in the Western Church.

**In Germany: only in Baden-Wrttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse, Nordrhein Westfalen, Saarland, Saxony (only several townships), Thringen (preponderating catholic population).
In Spain: only Sevilla & Granada.

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