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보스니아헤르제고비나 (유럽)

일요일 22 8월 2018
(연도별 날짜 변경)
*also written Id al\\\'Adha (or Eid Al-Adha) is the \\\"Feast of the Sacrifice\\\", the second main celebration of Islam. Information1: It takes place on the tenth day of the twelfth -- last month of the Islamic calendar and celebrates Abraham\\\'s (also written Ibrahim) willingness to sacrifice his son in obedience to God. Muslims make their annual pilgrimage, or the \\\"Hajj\\\", to Makkah (Mecca) in Saudi Arabia. The Prophet Muhammad called Eid Al-Adha the best day of the year, since it is the last and biggest day of the annual pilgrimage.

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