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공휴일 및 전 세계에서 기념 행사

캐나다 (누나부트) : 공휴일, 은행 마감, 학교 방학

캐나다 (누나부트) : 다음 2개월 동안 공휴일, 은행, 증권 거래소, 방학, 무역 박람회, 문화, 스포츠 행사, 축제, 카니발, 선거 마감 전체 일정

Internet domain: .ca - telephone code: +1 - International dialing code: 011
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주말: 토요일 & 일요일

English (350 million speakers in 47 countries), French (75 million speakers in 30 countries), vernaculars ...
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이름 날짜 종류
노동절월요일 5 9월, 2016세속적 인 휴일 
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추수감사절**월요일 10 10월, 2016세속적 인 휴일 
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노동절 -
월요일 5 9월, 2016

세속적 인 휴일 :

추수감사절 -
월요일 10 10월, 2016

세속적 인 휴일 : The first formal celebration was held by an English explorer, Martin Frobisher, who attempted to establish a settlement on Baffin Island, after failing to discover a northern passage to the Orient in 1576. The Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock held their Thanksgiving in 1621 as a three-day "thank you" celebration to the leaders of the Wampanoag Indian tribe and their families for teaching them the survival skills they needed to make it in the New World. Canada established the second Monday in October as a national holiday, "a day of general thanksgiving," in 1957.